How It Works

You have selected to begin a new home equity application.

Here's an overview of how simple and easy it is to apply online with Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union. 

Begin Application- Begin by giving us some general information about your scenario

Borrower Information - We require general information for each applicant, including Social Security numbers and Income so we can gather credit information. This helps us to accurately evaluate which loan programs meet your financing needs.

Property Information - We ask for information about the property you want to purchase or refinance.

Assets/Liabilities - Depending on the type of loan you want, we might ask you to provide information about assets such as checking and savings accounts and personal property. We might also ask about current debt such as credit cards, installment loans, and mortgages.

Submit - The final step of the application process!  You must "submit" your application for it to be evaluated.  Un-submitted applications will not be considered for evaluation or approval.